Hi, I’m Bitmuncher aka Theoten aka Theton aka DarkArguZ aka KTS aka Frank.

On this page I publish photos taken with different cameras.

This means, ,… this is a private site. Therefore I don’t deal with all that privacy s*** here. Yes, I use Google to measure outreach of this site, to see where my visitors come from, what content is more popular etc. pp.. Deal with it… this is the internet! Yes, all the big bad companies will track you. Will it harm you? Probably not (as long as you have a backup of your data somewhere outside their data centers)! And for me it’s important to see what my kindly visitors look for if they visit a site like mine. If you don’t want to get tracked by Google Analytics, use a browser add-on to block it, but don’t expect a long data privacy agreement here. > I < publish here. I’m happy about comments, but this also means, that I’ll get your IP address (don’t worry, nobody can hack you based only on your IP, as long as all your internet-connected devices are updated and not infected by a malware). Webservers usually log IP addresses of HTTP POST requests. That’s their typical behavior. And since this is only a webspace and not a server I manage, it logs what every web server logs. But also this will not hurt you. I’m pretty sure.

Some background about me: I’m not a photographer. I simply love photography. It doesn’t matter if anyone really likes my pictures. I like them and I share them with you. If you don’t like them, keep it to yourself and have a nice day. If you like them, please let me know. Serious criticism and suggestions for improvement are also quite welcome. But keep your hate with you. I don’t want it and you don’t want to deal with my when I’m angry.

In the past I worked mostly as system administrator, system engineer, DevOps engineer and security engineer. Currently, I’m working in a CISO position. My camera is mostly with me. And the more I use my phone to take photos, the more I also like the possibilities of digital photography even if I still prefer a real camera and not „only“ my phone (even if it costs as much as good cameras). Digital photography allows other effects which were not so easy to get with old analog techniques.

However, my heart goes to analog cams, the simpler, the better. One of my most-loved cams is a Diana Baby from Lomography, that can be used with 110-films. Fits in every pocket. Also my Rollei A100 with the same films is often part of my daily equipment because she is so small and soooo cute. 😻 For bigger fotos I use mostly my Diana F+ (120 films) or my Leica camera (35mm). My favorite digital cam is currently a Panasonic Lumix (until I have the money for one of these wonderful digital SLR cameras).

I’m a father of two, but I cannot live with them anymore. However, I see them nearly every day and, of course, my daughter is my most beloved photo model (beside my girlfriends and my tarantulas).

In my heart I’m a dreamer. I hope my photos can take you to a journey through my dreams. Here you can see the world how I see it. I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to reach out for me (for example if you have an idea for a nice photo session in Berlin), you can write an email to info@bitmuncher.eu.

All photos you see on this site are copyright by me. Most of them are not post-processed and provided in the form they came directly from the camera.

Some analog photos, especially for the instant cameras are „scanned“ with an iPhone because this gives better results than a classical office scanner. However, sometimes I’m lazy and simply scan them as a bunch on my office scanner. 🦥 You have to deal with the bad quality. I can look at the wonderful originals. 😎


Frank Fuhrmann
Hultschiner Damm 176
12623 Berlin
Email: info@bitmuncher.eu
Phone: +49 15678 44 78 60